June 13, 2004

Our Baby Graduates

Sports program scandals at Ohio State will take a back seat today to graduation exercises for the Class of 2004. We are heading to Columbus to see our daughter receive her Bachelor of Arts diploma from the OSU Honors College. She graduates today "With Distinction", and Cum Laude. Her mother and I are so proud of the independent, thoughtful and loving person she has become, that I wanted to salute her in pixels here at Wizblog, and tell her yet again how much we love her.

Congratulations, my dear Susan!

UPDATE 6/14: The weather cooperated nicely this afternoon in Columbus. So much so that we were searching for shade and begging for a breeze for most of the three hour ceremony. Graduates were encouraged to "personalize" their caps, although they needn't have encouraged our girl. She was easy to pick out of the crowd of 7225 graduates, as the only one with a pink parasol.

Posted by dan at June 13, 2004 12:02 AM