June 3, 2004


And speaking of dragging stories into the daylight, let's hope that the media will soon be forced to stop ignoring the increasingly obvious reality of connections between Saddam's Iraq and the Al Qaeda terrorist organization. It has been an article of faith on the Left that no such links exist, (you know, "Bush lied...") but it requires some real contortions these days to maintain that fantasy, as documents surface and officials speak freely in liberated Iraq, and allied intelligence services continue to cooperate.

Since Stephen Hayes' cover story in last week's Weekly Standard, another in a long line of reports by Hayes on Saddam-Al Qaeda ties, several other good reports have been published to bolster and summarize the case.

Andrew McCarthy's article is perhaps the best of the lot. It's well worth reading in full. And Jay Bryant's Townhall.com piece suggests that even if security concerns are inhibiting Bush administration officials from speaking out on the links, or they are waiting for a politically advantageous moment to do so, the time is now to get the word out.

And today, Hayes notes that two officials of the new Iraqi government are making statements confirming that Saddam was indeed connected with many terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda.

UPDATE 6/4: Deroy Murdock has more, including a link to the webpage of author Edward Jay Epstein, who has also been active in coverage of Saddam-Al Qaeda links.

Posted by dan at June 3, 2004 10:02 PM