April 27, 2004

Eating Their Young

When the Village Voice editorializes that "Kerry Must Go", all is definitely not well in Donkeyland.

Meanwhile, Cox & Forkum have combined a great cartoon with a compilation of some of Kerry's serial sputtering on issues ranging from thrown medals, to support for Iraq funding, to committing war atrocities. And they say Bush has trouble expressing himself articulately.

Is it getting so bad for Kerry that Democrats will have to consider "The Old Switcheroo"? Sean at Everything I Know is Wrong contemplates the Dems pulling a "Torricelli"...

I realize that the odds of Democrats actually figuring out that their candidate is a stiff are pretty remote. The odds of their doing anything about it are even more remote. I feel like I should be made to wear a tinfoil hat for even entertaining such ideas, but I was a boy scout (and I've always enjoyed Tom Lehrer) so I'm going to stick with the defense that it's always better to be prepared. So here goes:

In the name of being prepared, it's time to start examining the possibility, however unlikely, that Democrats will begin calling for Kerry to step aside and ask someone like Hillary Clinton, or John Edwards to take over. Someone - anyone who has a chance of surviving the campaign until November.

Posted by dan at April 27, 2004 11:26 PM