April 22, 2004

Why Bush Is Pulling Ahead

An analysis by Richard Baehr of The American Thinker. Here's a sample:

When Kerry tries to differentiate himself from Bush on Iraq, within a few seconds, his answer usually involves the UN, and catering more to those nations which opposed or undermined the American diplomatic effort last year. At the same time, Kerry and other Democrats routinely dismiss the efforts of those countries that stood with us -- Australia, Britain, and Poland, for example (the “fake” coalition some Democrats have called it) -- though these countries have suffered real losses of life.

So those who stiffed us need to be groveled-to, and those who were allies are written off as tokens. This is simply not a winning message. American by and large believe that fewer Americans would have died in Iraq with greater burden-sharing from our allies, so they appreciate those who served with us, and resent to some extent those countries which refused. Clearing foreign policy decisions through Kofi Annan or Jacques Chirac, is not regarded as evidence of leadership, or smarts.

Posted by dan at April 22, 2004 10:55 PM