April 19, 2004

More OKC Evidence Surfaces

From an AP story today (via Drudge):

A Secret Service document written shortly after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing described security video footage of the attack and witness testimony that suggested Timothy McVeigh may have had accomplices at the scene...

...The government has insisted McVeigh drove the truck himself and that it never had any video of the bombing or the scene of the Alfred P. Murrah building in the minutes before the April 19, 1995, explosion.

The actual video, of course may never actually be located, but the fact is that the government story of the OKC bombing is a tissue of lies that is coming unraveled a little bit at a time. Of course McVeigh had accomplices. John Doe #2 didn't cease to exist after three days of an intense FBI manhunt just because the Justice Department decided that his existence was problematic to the quick wrapup of their investigation, and announced in Emily Litella-like fashion, "Never mind".

Posted by dan at April 19, 2004 6:42 PM