April 16, 2004

The LeBron Effect

Everything came together right. Rare talent, then the smile and the manner. Add big NBA money and huge corporate money. It's a Lebromenon. The economic impact of LeBron James on the NBA, and on Cleveland and the Cavalier franchise is stunning.

Cavaliers officials have not publicly commented on any of the team's financial gains this season. But the numbers don't lie. Radio listenership more than doubled, local television ratings increased by 300 percent and, thanks to James' best-selling jersey, the Cavaliers ranked fourth overall in the league in apparel sales, according to the NBA. Approximately $72 million dollars worth -- or 1.6 million jerseys -- featuring James' name and No. 23 have been sold since they first went on sale on June 26...

..."His items fly off the shelves," said Keith Lauer, product manager for Upper Deck collectibles. "Whatever we can make moves. I think you can compare this phenomenon to Jordan in that he's transcended the sport like a pop culture icon."

Google returns zero hits on the search word "Lebromenon". I had to know that.

Posted by dan at April 16, 2004 7:51 PM