April 13, 2004

Thanks Guys

It has long since become my habit to check out the terrific "Winds of War" summaries assembled by Joe Katzman and the rest of the group at Winds of Change, which are posted each Monday and Thursday. The 4/12 version is edited by Dan Darling, whose regular blog Regnum Crucis has been cited here often for his tireless effort to lend background, detail and thoughtful analysis to what is going on in the war. I cannot recommend these sites strongly enough for readers who crave information and understanding on the war like I do. And I want to take this chance to salute and thank Dan, Joe, and the rest of the WOC team for the ongoing excellence of the job you do. I really value the resource, and appreciate the time and effort that it takes. Lots of us do.

Lots of great stuff this time around, by the way. Money and manpower pouring into Iraq from Iran...the looming confrontation with Sadr's militia...planning for the Sadr revolt in London? Make it a regular stop.

Posted by dan at April 13, 2004 10:31 PM