April 12, 2004

NCAA Gangs Up On Clarett

The NCAA has thrown its support behind the NFL effort to keep Maurice Clarett out of this month's NFL Draft. NCAA President Myles Brand said, in part:

"If not reversed, this decision is likely to unrealistically raise expectations and hopes that a professional football career awaits graduation from high school and that education can therefore be abandoned," Brand said. "The result could be a growing group of young men who end up with neither a professional football career nor an education that will support their life plans."

In addition to Clarett and USC receiver Mike Williams, six high school players have applied for the draft since the original Clarett ruling.

What's next? Two-year olds suing to run in the Kentucky Derby? 40-year old golfers suing to join the Seniors Tour? Doesn't everyone get old enough soon enough?

Posted by dan at April 12, 2004 10:12 PM