April 10, 2004

Arafat Gets A Pass

Joel Mowbray says Yasser Arafat is on a "honeymoon" from criticism for having openly sought to ally with terrorist groups. It is the "international community" that Mowbray accuses of a collective yawn at Arafat's proposal, but adds that Arafat has the "nominal approval of the United States". He doesn't give much credit to the Bush administration policy that insisted on new Palestinian leadership, encouraged democratic reforms, and bounced Yasser from the White House dinner invitation list. That policy I think, as much as Israel's physical isolation of him, has contributed to the pathetic, discredited, Arafat we see today. Not exactly in the honeymoon suite. Here's a sample from a good piece by Mowbray: (excerpted out of sequence)

By expressing both a willingness and desire to partner with Hamas and Islamic Jihad in a new organization that apparently would function parallel to the Palestinian Authority (PA), Arafat has removed any pesky gray area. It would take a creative explanation to differentiate this from the Taliban’s partnership with al Qaeda.

Then again, Arafat’s own history should leave little doubt. His three organizations—Tanzim, Fatah, and al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade—have combined slaughtered more than 400 innocent Israelis. And that was after the Oslo accords of 1993, where he famously shook hands with Yitzhak Rabin...

...Arafat has no problem whatsoever partnering with a group responsible for the suicide bombing deaths of 52 mostly young Palestinians and 377 mostly civilian Israelis. The only sticking point is that the bloodthirsty terrorists must submit to Arafat’s leadership.

Arafat’s leadership, of course, would not necessarily mean less bloodshed. It would merely mean better-organized mass murder.

Posted by dan at April 10, 2004 12:51 AM