April 8, 2004

Rewriting History

Hindrocket at Power Line:

...for the last several weeks we have been asked to take seriously the idea of a Clinton administration preoccupied with Islamofascist terrorism to the point of obsession. A preoccupation, of course, that was never voiced in a single speech by any administration official, never appeared in a report to Congress on security threats facing the nation, never found its way into any scholarly article authored by Clinton's foreign policy team, was never mentioned in Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign, and somehow never was translated into any discernible action. I repeat: if these people are not a joke, will someone tell me why?...

...In the aftermath of the attacks, it would have been easy for President Bush to point the finger of blame at the Clinton administration. But, to his credit, he never did. There is only one group responsible for the attacks--the terrorists themselves. There is only one direction in which we can profitably look--forward. There is only one policy which we can now pursue--war against those who attacked us. President Bush has never sought to gain political advantage by blaming the Clinton administration's incompetence for the attacks. Why? Because he is a patriot.

His opponents, unfortunately, are not patriots. They didn't care about terrorism before September 11, and they don't care about it now. John Kerry, their standard-bearer, says the threat of terrorism is "exaggerated." And this is after September 11, not before! Why in the world should we be arguing about who did or did not take the threat of terrorism seriously enough before September 11 when one of the candidates doesn't take it seriously now? The Democrats view terrorism from only one angle: How can they turn it to their political advantage?

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Posted by dan at April 8, 2004 12:03 AM