April 4, 2004

Fresh Whittle

Bill Whittle is two chapters into a series of essays that will eventually comprise a book. In Chapter One, he suggests we need a "map" to navigate the course of our lives, our politics and our policy, and that common sense dictates we select one that at least resembles the "coastline" that we are able to observe with our own eyes:

...before we start, we must agree to one thing, and one thing only: we will never be so full of arrogance and blinded by pride that we dare confront a place where the map does not match the coastline, and proclaim that the coastline must be wrong.

Whittle is typically entertaining and passionate in Chapter Two: "It's A Trap". He lampoons the self-styled intellectuals of today for never glancing out of the ivory tower window to see if reality comports, even a little bit, with their "theory". I can't excerpt this stuff effectively, so you'll have to read it all.

If you aren't familiar with Bill's work, I'd recommend spending some time at the site, and checking out some of his stuff like Freedom, or Victory, for starters. (Do it when you have a few minutes. They're longer than your average blog post.)

Posted by dan at April 4, 2004 11:15 PM