March 30, 2004

Meanwhile, Back In Waziristan

Dan Darling has an "epilogue and full summary" of the battle between Pakistani forces and Al Qaeda fighters in Waziristan, along the Afghan-Pakistani border. Stick around a while at Regnum Crucis to read about the role of Al Qaeda in the Bosnian conflict, when they were operating with the "good guys" in the war against Milosevic:

Al-Qaeda first started arriving in the Balkans en masse in 1992 and there were eventually as many as 4,000 fighters involved there, where they fought as the Kateebat al-Mujahideen Battalion of the Bosnian Third Army against the Serb army and their allied paramilitaries. In fact, if you know where to look you can find recruiting videos from the Balkans of al-Qaeda fighters playing soccer with the decapitated heads of dead Serbian soldiers.

The al-Haramain Foundation and other Saudi front charities poured as much as $600,000,000 into al-Qaeda's Balkans campaign and post-war Wahhabi missionary activities and Egyptian Islamic leader Ahmed Ibrahim al-Najjar ran the organization's operations out of the al-Haramain offices in Tirana until his extradiction to Egypt in June 1998....

...Milosevic's connections to his puppet Serb paramilitaries like the White Eagles or Arkhan's Tigers were a lot clearer than the Kateebat al-Mujahideen Battalion's to bin Laden. The Serb groups, if you read their propaganda, were more or less up-front about who they were working for and what they were trying to do. By contrast, the Kateebat al-Mujahideen were officially part of the Bosnian regular army and were theoretically acting (abeit brutally) in defense of Bosnian sovereignty against Serbian aggression so Western intelligence agencies would have had to dig pretty deep to learn the true identities and objectives of the jihadis, which of course no one was inclined to do since they were on "our" side.

If you're interested in some understanding beyond headlines and sound bites regarding the war with Al Qaeda, then you simply must be reading Regnum Crucis on a regular basis.

That was the way we rehearsed it, wasn't it Dan?

Posted by dan at March 30, 2004 12:20 AM