March 19, 2004

Negotiating With Mullahs

Pejman opines on why we can't afford to be bought off by the ruling mullahs in Iran with a "deal" of the sort being promoted by the regime as an "olive branch":

"...the Islamic regime is confronted with a situation presenting a clear and genuine challenge to its claims of representing the wishes of the Iranian people. It has been revealed as totalitarian and anti-democratic in the extreme by seeking to limit the electoral choices available to the Iranian people on purely ideological grounds....

...aimless and purposeless negotiations will only serve to bestow legitimacy anew on Iran’s totalitarian government. The most powerful democratic republic in the history of the world will, by any stated desire to re-open "negotiations" with a state sponsor of terrorism, help the hardline rulers of Iran take measures to crush any impetus for reform."

I think Pejman's right. The last thing this regime deserves is any sniff of legitimacy they would gain from any accommodation with the U.S.

Posted by dan at March 19, 2004 7:48 PM