March 17, 2004

Rioting in Iran

It appears that Iranian citizens are taking advantage of the occasion of a traditional secular festival that involves making bonfires and general merriment associated with the new year to do some burning of another sort. Some Iranians have decided to set fire to the homes of the ruling mullahs, and are rioting in the strreets in utter defiance of the regime. Now anti-riot squads have been deployed to put down the rebellion. Here is a plea for help for the Iranian people. (both links via The Corner)

There was also a little border skirmish between U.S. troops and Iranian soldiers at the Iraq-Iran border the other day, which is being played down as insignificant by the U.S.

And they are marching in the streets in Syria as well, demanding political reform under the banner "Bashar Assad Must Go!". Lots of pictures at the above link.

UPDATE 3/17: Here's an update on Syria.

Amazing. The Bush Doctrine at work. The examples of democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan allow their neighbors and others in the Arab world to see, and to believe that they deserve to govern themselves as well. God bless and protect the brave citizens of Syria and Iran that have the guts to stand up to their respective dictators and demand reform.

Posted by dan at March 17, 2004 12:38 AM