March 16, 2004

Al Qaeda Document Shows Plan

From (via Best of the Web)

A document published months before national elections reveals al Qaeda planned to separate Spain from its allies by carrying out terror attacks.

A December posting on an Internet message board used by al Qaeda and its sympathizers and obtained by CNN, spells out a plan to topple the pro-U.S. government.

"We think the Spanish government will not stand more than two blows, or three at the most, before it will be forced to withdraw because of the public pressure on it," the al Qaeda document says.

For more great commentary on the Madrid bombings and the Spanish elections, check out Andrew Sullivan fisking an editorial from The Guardian at TNR, and Michael Radu's essay from Front Page Magazine.

And if you are interested in reading about the issue in some real depth and detail, check out Dan Darling at Regnum Crucis. Just keep on scrolling.

Posted by dan at March 16, 2004 10:12 PM