March 14, 2004

Blair Reviewed By The Times

Plagiarist, fabulist and liar, Jayson Blair has his book reviewed in the pages of his former employer, the N.Y. Times. Jack Schafer rips "Burning Down My Masters' House". Here are a couple of excerpts:

...contrition is a dish served not at all in this memoir. From the heights of confession, Blair rappels down Mount Excuse, blaming everybody but himself for his offenses. He continually cites his manic-depressive illness to explain his behavior....

...Two questions that remain: Why does Blair lie? And why didn't The Times or Globe catch him earlier? Because Blair spends most of ''Burning Down My Masters' House'' reclining on the shrink's couch seeking our sympathy, it's fair to psychoanalyze him from afar. Citing this shoddily written and filibustering book as evidence, one could argue that Blair barely had the talent to work as a cub reporter on a small-town daily, let alone a major newspaper. Those who can't, steal and fabricate. And the best explanation of why he lies and continues to dissemble is also provided in this book: he seems most alive in the book when he's walking the ethical tightrope and hoodwinking somebody. Every con man loves his con, and few are as lucky as Blair to enshrine their version in book form.

Posted by dan at March 14, 2004 8:39 PM