March 8, 2004

Lewis is a True Buckeye

ESPN has a series of promotional spots with a theme of "Without sports...this or that would be different". One spot in the series shows a guy with an Ohio State sweatshirt making out with a girl in a Michigan T-shirt. After a little moaning and groping, we see the graphic..."Without sports...this wouldn't be disgusting"

Perfectly hilarious, as intended, no? Comedian Richard Lewis doesn't think so. A diehard Buckeye, Lewis reacted this way:

"As a proud graduate of Ohio State, just the notion of a Buckeye considering a Wolverine as a significant other, lover, casual acquaintance or, God forbid, a confidant, without some sort of gun to his or her head, not just baffles me, but leaves me with a bottomless pit of despair and a near death wish."

That's the spirit, Richard. Ann Arbor is a whore. Go Bucks!

Posted by dan at March 8, 2004 12:15 AM