March 4, 2004

The Real Nader

Jonathan Chait tries in this TNR piece to explain to Democrats that Ralph Nader isn't one of them. It's an excellent Nader primer:

As Nader embarks upon his fourth protest run against the Democrats in as many elections, there is something slightly ridiculous about the shock of his liberal critics. They still don't know who they're dealing with. Nader is not a heroic figure tragically overcome by his own flaws; he is a selfish, destructive maniac who, for a brief historical period, happened upon a useful role...

... The website patiently explains how, if Al Gore had netted even 1 percent of Nader's 97,000 Florida votes, he would have overcome Bush's 537-vote margin. Like other liberals, the people behind the website seem to think, if they could only persuade Nader that his candidacy might help reelect Bush, it would dissuade him from running. More likely, it would have the opposite effect.

And here's Thomas Sowell with a column on Nader. Somehow the word "selfish" keeps coming up. (via Chicago Boyz)

Posted by dan at March 4, 2004 6:18 AM