February 28, 2004

Feature Story on VDH

It's no secret I'm a big Victor Davis Hanson fan. (I just checked and found that I had linked to his writing no less than 15 times in the first year of Wizblog's existence. I would have guessed it was more than that.) I knew he was a raisin farmer from Fresno, and a classicist at the Cal State campus there, but not a whole lot more than that about Hanson the man.

So it was good to read this feature story on Hanson from the LA Times, (requires free registration). It seems Bush and Cheney are big fans of VDH as well, and he also just landed a $500,000 advance for his new book on the Peloponnesian War. He's even considering giving up the family farm.

(via No Left Turns)

Posted by dan at February 28, 2004 7:11 PM