February 8, 2004

Jonesing For Baseball

You know I'm desperate for baseball news when I'm reading an article that is primarily concerned with the Yankees and the Red Sox. Peter Gammons evaluates all the teams in the AL East and reports that the Yankees "privately" think their pitching could be better than last year. A statement like that after losing three guys who averaged 18 wins gives new meaning to the term "spin". Gammons even throws a little false hope in the direction of Indians fans:

What makes spring training so intoxicating to fans in so many cities is that the antiphon the owners carried into the last negotiation -- that when spring training begins two-thirds of the teams know they have no chance -- turned out to be an empty campaign promise. Indeed, if you're in Kansas City or San Diego, Cleveland or Houston, what makes this spring training so interesting is the fact that the last three world champions have been the Diamondbacks, Angels and Marlins. Find someone who on Groundhog Day the last three years predicted every one of those storylines, much less one of them.

(By the way, doesn't anybody edit this guy? Surely he means "find someone who....predicted one of those storylines, much less all of them". Oh well, he's a wealthy and famous sportswriter/commentator. I nitpick his columns. To paraphrase a blogger..."he reports, I deride.")

I admit it has been refreshing to see a few out-of-the-blue teams come on to win it all the last three years. But the Indians appear to be at least one more year away from even sniffing the playoffs. Only a week till Spring Training starts though. We're undefeated.

Posted by dan at February 8, 2004 3:51 PM