February 5, 2004

Eyes and Flash

20 (2).jpg

I think it's because I don't have an artistically creative bone in my body that I am awed by, and interested in those who do. I came across a gallery on the web the other day featuring the work of a young Japanese artist named Naoto Hattori , who has a thing about eyes. Anyway, I liked some of his stuff, and thought I'd share.

I guess I've been cruising some bizarre Internet neighborhoods lately, but I've been seeing a whole lot of Flash animation work everywhere I look. A guy named Larry Carlson has 100 or so "mind-morphing" animations that made me think we must have crossed paths in the 70's somewhere. And here are some more visually stimulating animations.

Much of the Flash stuff is of the cartoon/humor variety, like this old story with a new twist , and these MagicPen animations or a series that's a bit deranged by (about?) "Edgardo".

I've linked before to Yugo Nakamura's site, and he keeps coming up with new and interesting interactive animations.

And after linking to Craig Tracy's Painted Alive site a week or so ago, I found some more "Body Art". Here's Leo, from the Zodiac series:

leo8 (3).jpg

Posted by dan at February 5, 2004 1:16 PM