December 29, 2003

2003 - Best of Steyn

As you might imagine if you read Mark Steyn regularly, this is quite a long column. It consists of some of his predictions from 2003, along with a series of chronologically arranged excerpts from his 2003 prose. Outstanding! Here are a few of my favorites:

Why not ask an Iraqi what the disadvantages of stalemate are? As far as Saddam's subjects are concerned, the "peace" movement means peace for you and Tony Benn and Sheryl Crow and Susan Sarandon, and a prison for them… Marching for "peace" means marching for, oh, another 15 years of Saddamite torture and murder, followed by a couple more decades under the even more psychotic son, until the family runs out of victims to terrorise, gets bored and retires to the Riviera.
The Daily Telegraph, February 15th

If we have to have an incoherent, self-loathing “peace” movement, then women showing off their hooters in support of a culture that would stone them to death for showing off their ankles is about as good as it’s gonna get.
The Daily Telegraph, March 8th

The UN doesn't solve problems, it manages them in perpetuity: it turns them into Les Miserables; come back two decades later and it's still running.
The Spectator, April 5th

From the moment they met, Hillary knew he "had a vitality that seemed to shoot out of his pores", but not a lot shoots out in these pages… Monica's book came out first, and to be honest it captures Bill's oozing pores better than his wife's does. Monica's Bill is the Lounge-Lizard-In-Chief: "He undressed me with his eyes." Hillary's Bill is a clunky wonk: "While I was challenging discrimination practices, Bill was in Miami working to ensure McGovern's nomination." Monica says, "The irony is that I had the first orgasm of the relationship." Hill's account reads like she's still waiting.
The Sunday Telegraph, June 15th

This is a keeper.

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