December 26, 2003

Steyn - "America Wins"

Mark Steyn, in the Jerusalem Post: (requires registration)

One can't help noticing that, despite innumerable warnings from these western defeatists about the folly of provoking the incendiary Arab street, the Arab street is now in the third year of its deep slumber. It may be that Osama is just very cunningly lying low, but, with each passing month, the reason he's lying low is more and more likely to be due to an inability to get up again.

Taliban gone, Saddam gone, Gaddafi retired, Osama "resting." "Message: America wins" is as accurate a summation of the last two years as any. Whether or not you think American victory is a good thing is another matter. But a smart anti-American ought to recognize that generally things are going America's way, and the only argument worth having is about the speed at which they're doing so.

Posted by dan at December 26, 2003 9:52 PM