October 29, 2003

Peters - Not Vietnam

Some plain talk from Ralph Peters in the NY Post. Here he cuts to the heart of why we're going it alone in Iraq:

Why are so few nations willing to help us? Because many political leaders want us to fail. Because the United States has returned to its original ideals, supporting freedom, self-determination, the rights of the individual and simple human decency.

Our example terrifies every one of Iraq's neighboring governments and infuriates the Europeans - who long profited from their political love affairs with dictators, even as they damned America for similar behavior.

We have taken a stand for freedom. And freedom still has few friends in this world.

Peters suggests the many ways in which Iraq is NOT another Vietnam, and identifies the one common thread:

There is only one way in which the situation in Iraq resembles Vietnam: Our enemies realize that they can't win militarily. This is a contest of wills much more than a contest of weapons. The terrorists intend to wear us down

Posted by dan at October 29, 2003 5:52 PM