October 26, 2003

Who Was That?

You just heard a song on the radio, and you didn't catch the name of the song or the artist, but you know you liked it, and you might want to buy it, or at least find out who it was.

Just note the time, and the spot on the FM radio dial, and you're in business at Yes.net. The easy interface can have you ordering the CD from Amazon.com, (or going to E-Bay if you prefer) faster than you can get your credit card out of your wallet. The site keeps track of every song played on FM for the last 24 hours, anywhere from Vero Beach to Visalia, Albany to Albuquerque, and then makes it absurdly easy for you to buy it if you so desire. As Radley Balko says, it's "pretty cool". Check it out.

UPDATE: Looks like stations from some smaller cities and towns aren't on the site's list; (Cleveland's are, Akron's aren't, for example)

Posted by dan at October 26, 2003 12:33 AM