October 22, 2003

Beer Goggles

This article brings to mind the old line about the guy whose idea of a "Perfect 10" is a "4" with a 6-pack. (Rimshot)

It is being reported that The University of Vienna, (historically involved in ground-breaking, worthwhile research) has determined that the reknowned "beer goggles effect", that causes a woman to become more attractive to a man as his alcohol consumption increases, is apparently a perceptual one-way street.

Sadly, research from the University of Vienna now suggests the beer goggle phenomenon is not a reciprocal arrangement.

While men only need a six-pack to make a life-long commitment to the psychopathic parolee with the skin condition, a homely looking male remains just that to a woman, even if she's just drunk the brewery dry.

The author of the article jumps to certain conclusions however, based on the survey results:

The reason for the variations in this experiment is that men are far more stupid than women.

Men have never believed it necessary to become acquainted with a female they intend mating with. Women, on the other hand, will usually speak with a potential partner and ensure he's not engaged in the white slave trade before engaging in footsies under the table.

So what's your point?

(via Dave Barry Blog)

Posted by dan at October 22, 2003 10:23 PM