September 24, 2003

Bet on LeBron

Many Cleveland Cavaliers fans will be experiencing something different this year just by having a reason to follow the team's fortunes. That reason of course, is LeBron James; wunderkind, prodigy, superstar, millionaire. And all that before his first NBA game.

But if you're looking for something to spice up your LeBron-watching this season, be advised that Caesars Palace Race and Sports book has opened up over 50 LeBron/Cavaliers bets in five different categories. Here's a sample from the Plain Dealer article:

You can wager on King James' scoring average this season: 30.1 points a game or higher is a tempting 75-to-1 (a hundred bucks on that could pay for a pair of Cavaliers season tickets or feed a family of four at a Gund Arena concession stand). Zero to 2.0 points a game is 100-to-1. (That's a sucker bet. LeBron must play in at least 50 games for the wager, and if he's playing 50 or more games, he's going to be scoring more than Gene Simmons. He's the Chosen One, not the frozen one.)

How about a LeBron vs. Michael Jordan bet? His Airness averaged 28.2 points a game his rookie season (1984-85). Bet on LeBron if you think he will come within 12 points.

But being a Cleveland sports fan means living with disappointment if not outright hopelessness; (it's been a long time since the '64 Browns). So the article lays out a strategy just for the locals:

What strategy should a Cavaliers fan have in Vegas (besides avoiding the Celine show and those Alpo buffets)? It's best to use the "Cleveland hedge," a method that has soothed Indians, Browns and Cavaliers fans for decades. It guarantees a win, either financial or emotional.

Here's how it works: Knowing how things go in this town, bet against all that is good. Want the Indians to win Game 7? Bet against them. A few grand will pay for postage for a decade's worth of Jose Mesa hate mail. Want the Browns to go 2-2? Bet on the Bengals this week. When the Browns win, you'll need a second mortgage, but you'll be whistling while you sign the paperwork.

When it comes to LeBron, bet on the worst possible outcome. Assume he's going smash his finger in the door of his Hummer. It's the Cleveland way. Go with a c-note on LeBron scoring three or fewer.

If it doesn't happen, oh well, it means LeBron is going to shine, which is what you want anyway. If disaster strikes and LBJ meets ACL, we'll all be devastated.

But you'll be able to wipe away your tears with 50,000 dollar bills.

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Posted by dan at September 24, 2003 8:37 PM