September 18, 2003

Employment Picture

A Lex Green post at Chicago Boyz highlights some very positive economic news , along with the caveat not to wait to hear about it on TV. If we can trust our media for anything, it is the tendency to pluck the negative detail from an overall positive economic outlook in order to reflect badly on George Bush.

Lately it's the grudging admission that the economy is recovering somewhat, BUT, that it is a "jobless recovery", as unemployment numbers are persistently high, and that our manufacturing jobs are being lost. (I get the continuing impression that the left is not at all happy that the recession is over and the economic picture is improving. That is sick.) That shift away from manufacturing has been ongoing since the 70's, though to hear Bush's critics, you'd think it all happened since 2000.

Since employment is always the last indicator to respond to economic recovery, and that signs point to this recovery being no exception, the Democrats must wish that the election was this November instead of next. At MoneyCentral, Charles Lieberman lists the 7 Reasons the Job Market is About to Take Off. (also via Lex Green)

And Donald Luskin takes apart the "jobless recovery" argument by pointing out how the critics spin with statistics. A equally compelling argument could be put forth that the news on unemployment and new job creation is quite positive. But that's not on the agenda.

Posted by dan at September 18, 2003 3:24 PM