September 16, 2003

Iraq Miscellany

A collection of Iraq-related items that have come to my attention within the last several days:

A vibrant free press is the best sign of the emerging new reality in Iraq. So for the news in Iraq, listen to the Iraqis themselves. Check out Iraq Today. Read the "About Us" page. Then bookmark it.

Karl Zinsmeister reports on one of the first post-Saddam public opinion surveys conducted in Iraq. AEI collaborated with the Zogby polling people to produce a scientific study the results of which may surprise you.

John Burns, that New York Times reporter who is giving the paper a good name, has this essay at the Editor & Publisher site. It's a great read. Burns was persona non grata in Baghdad, mainly because, unlike most of his Western media colleagues, he refused to suck up to the regime's media functionaries. (via Andrew Sullivan)

While it's a couple of weeks old, I liked this Jonathan Foreman piece that questions why anyone would assume that the U.N. would be welcome in a liberated Iraq.

Joe Katzman and Co. at Winds of Change do a great job of summarizing developments in Iraq and the media coverage of same. Here's their 9/15 Iraq Report.

Steven Den Beste's take on more U.N. involvement.

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