September 6, 2003

Bucks Underwhelm SDSU

The Ohio State Buckeyes came out today and played like they felt San Diego State was going to roll over and play dead for the mighty national champions. Although they won the game 16-13, they looked bad doing it, and caused me to swear profusely throughout. They committed stupid penalties, got badly outcoached, and generally acted as if they were in a fog. The play calling was unimaginative, but we're used to that in Buckeyeland. But today QB Craig Krenzel passed the ball like he was the one making his first start ever. The San Diego State QB, who was making his first ever start, looked like the composed and savvy veteran.

Most distressing were the late hits and other personal foul penalties. Seven of SDSU's 20 first downs were by penalty. That is uncharacteristic of Jim Tressel teams. Seems to me the Buckeyes came out a bit full of themselves after their dominating performance last week on national tube, and then when they got punched in the mouth early with an interception on their first play, they decided to get rough. But they were doing it after the whistle, and outside the sidelines.

The offense is still way too predictable and limited in scope. If they don't take it up a couple notches next Saturday, the winning streak will end at the hands of NC State.

Posted by dan at September 6, 2003 7:36 PM