September 1, 2003

Jacoby Calls Out Harvard

Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe calls on Harvard University to return $2.5 million donated to the Divinity School by Sheik Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates.

Jacoby's story credits Harvard student Rachel Fish with applying the pressure that eventually forced the Sheik to close down the Zayed Center, a "think tank" that had spread vicious anti-Semitic and anti-American hate propaganda. (link via LGF)

The United Arab Emirates, stung by the bad publicity, announced that the Zayed Center would be shut down. In time it may resurface under a different name, but for now it is out of business, its websites are closed, and its anti-Semitic output has been turned off. Because one young person refused to back away from a fight, the plug has been pulled on a leading purveyor of hatred.

Oh, and Harvard? It announced on Friday that it would need another year to decide what to do about Sheik Zayed's money. Rachel Fish's work isn't finished.

Kudos to Fish for her principled stand, and thanks to Jacoby, (Breindel Award winner), for giving her story a voice.

Posted by dan at September 1, 2003 7:19 PM