July 24, 2003

Afghanistan Update

Glenn Reynolds had an Afghanistan report the other day that was filled with stuff I hadn't heard elsewhere. Seems the rout of the Taliban and the presence of the Americans haven't yet turned the place into Club Med, but it's getting better. Here's an excerpt:

Bombings and attacks are considered as personal affronts to the notable progress achieved through the hard work of the citizens themselves—with little help from NGOs. Terrorism is viewed as a mark of the increasing frustration and desperation of the reactionaries still operating here. They’ve lost their main chance; now all the Islamofascists can do is to try to temporarily disrupt an increasingly civil society strongly committed to stability and peace.

A few may possibly yet harbor some residual sympathy with the radical religious tenets of extreme Islam, but the lack of mosque attendance in the city indicates the vast majority is happy with the development of a more secular society. Peace has broken out in a big way in Kabul and its environs, many Afghans have assured me.

Posted by dan at July 24, 2003 11:59 AM