July 1, 2003

The Last Hillary Review

He has to do it. It's his job. But P.J. O'Rourke says we don't have to read Living History by Hillary Clinton. His review is worth reading, however. The beginning "hook":

If you plan not to read this summer, "Living History" is just the book.

It's a "non-read", says P.J. Here's another excerpt:

"Living History" arrived from the publisher with a seven-page executive summary (itself ferociously tedious) that indicates no one is intended to read this book. Of course, a couple of people had to. There is the junior associate--doubtless a strong, intelligent woman--at the law firm of Bland and Blander who slogged through every word to make sure nothing was actionable. And then there's me. Poor me. But, except for us, "Living History" suffers the fate of modern poetry, with an authorship of many and an audience of none.

Not that the book isn't supposed to sell. And I understand it's selling nicely. I do not begrudge Hillary and her publisher their profits. The money will allow them, per Dante, to visit the fifth cornice of purgatory, where avarice is atoned, whenever they can get family leave from the ninth circle of hell where they'll be eternally tortured for spreading false doctrine. The free market is a good thing.

Posted by dan at July 1, 2003 8:49 PM