June 19, 2003

Iran Ignored?

Can't get enough information on what's going on in Iran from traditional media? It seems to me that the budding revolution there is flying under their radar. Here are a few resources that might help:

Iranian blogger Pejman Yousefzadeh wonders why more attention is not being paid to the plight of the Iranian people in this article at TCS. His blog Pejmanesque is another good source of up to date news from Iran, (among other things)

For some background on the situation, try this Heritage Foundation essay , and John Little's Blogs of War site is an excellent clearinghouse type resource, linking to 40-some Iranian bloggers and various other blogs and news sites that have been tracking events in Iran.

Command Post has updated their site to accommodate an increase in interest and information, and opinionjournal.com says that while Bush has supported the Iranian people for some time, it seems as though he has now managed to drag the State Department along behind him.

And of course, Michael Ledeen's latest article is always something to consume as soon as it comes out in pixels.

Andrew Sullivan also wonders why this isn't a bigger story for the news and opinion organs of the left.

Could anyone on the left actually sympathize with the sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic theocrats in Tehran? Of course not. But it seems that many of them hate the American right more than they hate foreign tyranny. A revolution in Iran might serve to cast a better light on President Bush's Middle East policy -- and that's so terrible a possibility that some leftists simply prefer to look the other way.

I mean what principles are worth defending with that kind of downside risk?

Posted by dan at June 19, 2003 10:04 PM