June 14, 2003


Quotes of the Week are back. Not by popular demand or anything, but just because I saw a few that I liked.

"The reason I like P.G. Wodehouse and Oscar Wilde is that they teach you to take frivolous things seriously and serious things frivolously...It's all a complete farce, you understand, we're born into a losing struggle. In the meantime, I think, I must show some contempt and defiance and the best means of doing that that I know are irony and obscenity." (Christopher Hitchens)

The film also had a brief appearance by Madonna; to say she was wooden is to insult trees, which after all do move in the wind and grow over the years. Man, does she look used up. She looks like she’s made entirely of jerky. (James Lileks on seeing the movie "Live Another Day")

the OAS's charter declares that the peoples of the Americas have a right to democracy. It does not say the peoples of the Americas except Cubans have the right to democracy. (Colin Powell, in an address to the OAS)

"Living History"...is Hillary's first scratch'n'sniff book. Let me explain. Take a claim in this book, almost any claim, scratch it hard enough and it smells like BS. (Matt Labash, The Weekly Standard)

"This is one of the worst games I've ever been involved in," manager Joe Torre told reporters. "It was a total, inexcusable performance."

It was a total, inexcusable performance. Listening to a Yankees manager speak those words is as stirring for Americans as hearing, "We hold these truths to be self-evident." (Jim Caple of ESPN.com after the Yankees were no-hit the other night)

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