June 3, 2003

Tribe Picks

Here's a bit of info on the Indians' top two selections in today's amateur draft.

Mike Aubrey, 1B-OF, Tulane University (11th pick overall) John Sickels from ESPN.com, in a pre-draft preview, says of Aubrey "a refined college position player with a lot of experience. ...he won't get past the top 10. Everyone thinks he'll hit for average, but some scouts aren't sure how much power he'll show, or if he'll be able to play the outfield." More on Aubrey on the Tribe website.

Brad Snyder, OF, Ball State University. (18th pick overall) Says Sickels "A solid all-around performer, Snyder has patience and power, making him attractive to the usual suspects. He also runs well, and would possibly be considered a top 10 pick if he'd gone to one of the big baseball schools in California or Florida and received more exposure." Other scouts compare him to Paul O'Neill. Now why did they have to go and do that?

First Round Summary

Updated listing of all Indians selections.

More details on Tribe picks.

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