April 26, 2003

Say It Ain't So

LeBron James, Akron's SuperKid, surprised absolutely nobody today, when he announced that he's going to go professional, and declared for the NBA Draft. ESPN.com's Adrian Wojnarowski reports on the world's worst-kept secret:

....there was James saying, "I'm foregoing college" and you just stopped listening here. Are you kidding me?.....

.....So, what else is happening today? Robert Downey Jr. calling a 4 p.m. news conference to say he's had a history of drug problems? Michael Jackson grabbing the 5 p.m. slot to confess to plastic surgery? Baghdad Bob getting the 6 o'clock hour to come clean that Republic Guard is struggling to hold onto Iraq's capital? Yes, there was LeBron James saying with a straight face, "I'm forgoing college and entering the NBA Draft in June," and you're just thinking to yourself: I'll never get these five minutes of my life back.

Posted by dan at April 26, 2003 2:03 AM