April 6, 2003

Powell Interview

The State Dept. posts on its website an interview with Secretary Colin Powell by a rather combative German TV reporter, in which Powell discusses our role in a post-Saddam Iraq, and our postwar track record in dealing with other countries in which we have recently projected our military power. (hat tip to LGF)

France and Germany seem to be prodding Kofi Annan to insist on a central U.N. role in the administration of postwar Iraq. It's fairly obvious that this is the only way that they have a chance for much in the way of business contracts in Iraq. Once the archives are opened up, and the shit starts to hit the fan, I suspect that the people of Iraq won't be looking too favorably on the countries that did everything they could to insure Saddam's survival, and hence, the continued subjugation of the Iraqi citizenry.

Posted by dan at April 6, 2003 11:48 PM