March 7, 2003

What You Should Have Said

In today's Bleat, James Lileks has an "ideal" answer that Bush could have used for Terry Moran's question at last night's press conference. The question sounded like it was scripted by Noam Chomsky, and makes one wish a president could speak as Lileks imagines. My favorite line, on the Turkey problem:

We misunderestimated Turkish protestations of support - although, as you no doubt noted from my earlier comments supporting their EU membership and lauding their role in NATO, we’re certainly not going to kick them in the nads in public like some of our allies have done to us.

Is it proper protocol, (maybe just this once) to plug Instapundit when you say "Read the whole thing"?

I read Lileks occasionally but not regularly, and saw the above in the more indispensable Daily Dish by Andrew Sullivan

Posted by dan at March 7, 2003 9:57 PM