January 11, 2005

LJ Worship

It's nice to see credible sports industry people around the country acknowledge what has become apparent to those of us who see LeBron James play regularly. Bill Simmons of ESPN.com finishes his column on "a few of my favorite NBA things", with this observation on his top candidate (so far) for MVP...

1. LeBron James
In my opinion, this isn't even a debate right now: He's headed for 55 wins on a team with an overmatched coach, two decent starters, three role players and a bunch of stiffs. More importantly, he's reached "There's nothing on right now, maybe I'll flick on The Package and see if LeBron is playing" status -- which hasn't happened since MJ was playing in Chicago. Not only is LeBron the most talented young player since MJ 20 years ago, he's going to average a triple-double within the next 5 years. And he just turned 20. This is unbelievable.

Two questions remain ...

A. Over the past three months, have you seen anything to make you think that we're NOT watching someone in the early stages of becoming the greatest basketball player ever?

(Um ... no.)

B. And did you ever think we would see a player who combined the best qualities of a Young MJ and a Young Magic?

(Me neither.)

He's got me wondering which one of McInnis, Ilgauskas, and Gooden he considers the other "good" starter. And I'm not enough of a "X's and O's" guru to know just how "overmatched" Paul Silas is as coach, but he's got the players winning for him (and he's got that "coach" out on the floor).

Posted by dan at January 11, 2005 04:49 PM

Not only is he destined for basketball greatness, but from everything I've heard and read, he's a really decent kid. You would think that with all the hype while still in high school, he would have a Clarett-type attitude, but unless he's really good at hiding it, I don't think that's the case. That makes being a Cavs fan that much better.

Posted by: Rick at January 12, 2005 04:02 PM
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